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One day in, and already an international audience, and a shout-out.   1 comment

Community. In the 24 hours since I started this project, it’s been interesting to see the response.  I’ve posted several items, and in a couple of cases, posted the links to Twitter and Facebook.  I’ve seen responses from friends, family, former coworkers and people I only know as words on a computer screen.  But what […]

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Congratulations are in order… I think.   1 comment

Hubris. Leauxra over at Does This Make My Blog Look Fat is celebrating her 100th post on the blog.  My congratulations to her.  She, among others, is my inspiration for doing more writing.  In this post, she writes about “The Rules of Blogging.”  Specifically, she states “Do not talk about your blog.” Not once, but twice. […]

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On Privacy, What Google Knows, and Why It Doesn’t Matter   4 comments

Value. On a mailing list I frequent, there has been an interesting discussion of late in regards to privacy and Google.  There are a lot of people out there moving their sites, data, and information off of Google wholesale.  They are saying, in effect, that “Google knows too much about them”.  They feel that some […]

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On the written word…   3 comments

Elegance. For me, the Internet has always been a medium of the written word.  No amount of flashy graphics, high-definition sound, or technological widgetry replaces the power and expressiveness of the written word.  Maybe, in some way, I’m a throwback to previous generations, who could (or can, in some cases) scarcely comprehend the new frontier […]

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Hello world!   1 comment

Hello, World. Funny how the traditions stay with you.  In computing, a “hello world” program is usually the first program one writes in a new language, to show that it actually works.  I’ve written my fair share of them.  Still, it’s amazing to show to oneself that the language actually works, and that you can […]

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