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YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST: I’m giving myself a 40th Birthday present. In mid-January, I will be signing off of Facebook, potentially permanently. As I hit the big 4-0, I realize that there’s a lot in my life that is toxic, and dragging me down mentally and emotionally. Facebook is one of those things for […]

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Stamina. As I predicted in previous posts, I slacked off.  Not much excuse, and I shall not bore you with details.  However, I have found it interesting to write my thoughts down again, for posterity and in the hope that it brings amusement to some.  Not that I expect that there’s anyone still reading me […]

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Effort. Like a lot of geeks of “my generation,” I am an avid reader of the website Slashdot.  I have been a reader since its early days, and its tagline of “News for nerds.  Stuff that matters.” still resonates with me — even if I don’t always find the content relevant any more.  However, it […]

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Kids these days. Some days, I begin to wonder if one shouldn’t have a license to procreate.  Was I that poorly behaved going to Wal-Mart?  Would I scream at the top of my lungs continuously because mom moved the cart, or I didn’t get to buy a toy?  Would I go to the restaurant with […]

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Flash-bang. Looking over the very brief summary of Google Analytics that my WordPress plugin gives me, I was somewhat amused by the graph… Also amusing to note:  some of these visits are me logging in to admin the blog or to write.  Also, for the geeks in the audience, the uncompressed TIFF of this image […]

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Consistency. I’ve tried to do several “journal” type projects over the years.  I’ll freely admit, pretty much of them have all fizzled out.  Sometimes due to lack of time to make the effort, but a lot of the time I just don’t have anything to write about.  I’ve noticed that a couple of days into […]

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Friendship. In an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Captain Picard struggles to master a greeting in an alien language.  The last time it was attempted by a starship captain, he botched it, and the aliens withdrew from contact for decades.  At the end of the episode, Picard delivers it flawlessly, and the alien […]

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… with miles to go before I sleep, I might lose my mind before I get there.   1 comment

Transitory. I live in Montana: a vast, sparsely populated state, where often times the distance between places is not measured in linear measurement but in drive time, where the nearest neighboring cities are multiple hours away, and where the nearest “major” city of any note is a solid day’s drive away.  Obviously, this means that […]

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One day in, and already an international audience, and a shout-out.   1 comment

Community. In the 24 hours since I started this project, it’s been interesting to see the response.  I’ve posted several items, and in a couple of cases, posted the links to Twitter and Facebook.  I’ve seen responses from friends, family, former coworkers and people I only know as words on a computer screen.  But what […]

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Congratulations are in order… I think.   1 comment

Hubris. Leauxra over at Does This Make My Blog Look Fat is celebrating her 100th post on the blog.  My congratulations to her.  She, among others, is my inspiration for doing more writing.  In this post, she writes about “The Rules of Blogging.”  Specifically, she states “Do not talk about your blog.” Not once, but twice. […]

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