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In the 24 hours since I started this project, it’s been interesting to see the response.  I’ve posted several items, and in a couple of cases, posted the links to Twitter and Facebook.  I’ve seen responses from friends, family, former coworkers and people I only know as words on a computer screen.  But what interests me more, possibly, is the global reach of my words.  As part of this blog, I signed up for a Google Analytics account.  Not because I’m trying to sell something, or to achieve “search engine optimization” (GODS, how I hate that term!) but because doing that meant that I didn’t need to try and set up my own analytics on who is reading me and why.  And the results have been quite interesting.

In the roughly 24 hours since I started this project, I’ve had 25 “visits” (at least a couple of them from myself) from the United States.  No surprise there — most of the people I know live in the US.  No surprise, either, about the visits from the United Kingdom or New Zealand.  I have friends in both places. But the country hits that surprise me?

  • The Netherlands.  Welkom!
  • Israel.  Shalom and As-Salāmu `Alaykum to my readers in the Middle East.
  • Russia.  Спасибо за чтение.
  • Botswana.  Really?  That’s cool!  I’m afraid I don’t speak Setswana, and Google Translate doesn’t provide an option.  But I’m very glad to see you.  Since you might be technically inclined and oriented, perhaps you might be interested in Hackers for Charity – a favorite organization of mine in Africa.

Even as young and jaded as I am, having been involved in computers and “online” from a relatively early age, it still amazes me that my words have a global reach…  And that people in the cradles of humanity and modern civilization might have interest in what I have to say.  At the risk of being accused of false modesty, I do confess that I don’t think I have anything necessarily special to say.  But I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it.

And finally a shout-out to Chrissy, who I’m guessing is my New Zealand reader, and who should be starting her second day of University about now.  You’re going to do wonderfully, kid.

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