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Leauxra over at Does This Make My Blog Look Fat is celebrating her 100th post on the blog.  My congratulations to her.  She, among others, is my inspiration for doing more writing.  In this post, she writes about “The Rules of Blogging.”  Specifically, she states “Do not talk about your blog.” Not once, but twice.  I get the Fight Club reference.  Leauxra, I love you…  but I think you’re wrong.

People are coming to your blog (and, maybe, eventually, to mine) because they’re interested in you — or at least things that you do or say.  And unless you’re getting someone to ghostwrite your blog for you (which, knowing how evil you are, is a distinct possibility) that means that writing your blog is something you do or say.  Knowing what’s going on, and why someone is writing (or not) may be as important as everything else they write.  Besides, one can’t have a winner at writing with every post.  Some will hit, some will miss… and sometimes your keyboard will spontaneously catch fire after you try to burn down the house while getting rid of mysterious creatures that try to eat you alive.

There are people out there known for being their own favorite topic.  Yes, Jason Scott, I’m talking about you.  You are also very good about talking about you.  You’re passionate about it, and about your interests.  And you know them.  Someone once said “If you want to be a writer, write about what you know.”  I forget who said it originally, but I’ve always tried to take it to heart.  I sometimes think I don’t know very much at all.  But I try anyway.

Variety, I think, is probably the spice of blogging life — and if that means you meta-blog once in a while, so be it.  Maybe someone else will get turned on to blogging as a result.

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